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By nature , I am warm and open, naturally intuitive and empathic, with a personal belief that the greatest gift one human can give another is the space to be themselves to explore what’s important to them.

I am passionate about creating an accepting, safe and trustworthy space for clients to do this.

In my 30s I left working in London to learn Reiki, reflexology and aromatherapy which is when I felt a shift from working to live to loving my work. After a break when I had children, I returned to holistic therapies and began to learn counselling in 2012. This was brought about by a desire to help people with their mental health struggles in a holistic way, as I have been helped.

The balance of bodily systems and functions is called ‘homeostasis’ and similarly we function best when there’s a balance between mind, body and spirit. During periods of stress, we often neglect one element or all three. I therefore enjoy utilising a client’s own passions and interests within therapy to help bring balance and may use guided visualisations to connect them to their inner healing self.

Essentially, my aim throughout our work is to be flexible to your needs and support you in a compassionate way as I know from personal experience how healing it is to be listened to without judgement.
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