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I’m an integrative counsellor and offer online or telephone counselling as well as in person at The Ashcroft therapy Centre in Deddington, North Oxfordshire. The details for my times /location are found on the Contact page.

Integrative means I incorporate different therapeutic models as a basis for my work:

Person-Centred Counselling:

This is at the heart of my practice and recognises that people have an innate ability to reach their full potential given the 'right' conditions of empathy, congruence and genuine acceptance. I will explore your issues as you experience them, without judgement. Our sessions will be focused on your aims and helping you to be more fully your own person.

Gestalt Counselling:

Gestalt is an experiential therapy and recognises most human communication is non-verbal. Therefore, sensations you experience in the counselling room such as feeling a lump in the throat or fidgeting etc are relevant. Through noticing how the things we talk about are affecting us in the ‘here and now’ we become more self-aware which helps to respond more fully to situations.

During our sessions techniques to access feelings may be used such as letter writing or working with different creative props as it is often through ‘play’ that a freer, more authentic narrative can come to light.

Transactional Analysis:

Transactional Analysis (TA for short) understands that difficulties in life come about through the ways we relate to others. TA therefore encourages an awareness of how we communicate, paying attention to ‘ego states’ and underlying scripts or racket feelings, often passed down to us as children.

Importantly, with all approaches I focus on your goals of counselling, so that we can work in partnership and keep them as the focus of our sessions. 

Since completing my foundation diplomas, I'm continuously learning as part of my ethical commitment and in particular am focusing on working in a trauma-informed way. 

It's important you find a therapist you feel comfortable talking to and who offer the type of therapy you need. I offer a free, confidential session over the phone to help you make that decision, please see my contact page for details.
“Kindness – that simple word. To be kind – it covers everything, to my mind. If you’re kind that’s it.” 
Roald Dahl
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